Friday 12th October - Guile Homecoming

Guile fans will get the chance to watch the band at an exclusive homecoming gig at the Tackeroo, Cannock. The show will take place on Friday 12th October 2012. Guile will perform tracks from their acclaimed debut album which was released in the May of the same year alongside some new material. In a handpicked line up support comes from the song writing talents of Despicable the Youth and Nick Tittley. Tickets for the event are priced £5 and are available by contacting the band.

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Guile / Dead Skeletons tickets.

The clock is ticking until Guile support the Dead Skeletons at The End, Birmingham on Tuesday 2nd October. Tickets are available from the band priced at £12.00 avoiding any booking fee. Contact to purchase tickets and prevent any disappointment.

Goodsoul Promotions present Guile in London.

We are pleased to announce that Guile will be returning to London amidst Olympic fever on Friday 10th August 2012. Goodsoul Promotions have curated the show which will take place at the Hope and Anchor, Islington. Also on the bill are the amazing Toba Caldera and very special guests. Tickets are priced at £7 on the door. Do you need a break from Olympic 2012 fever or maybe a gig to absorb some culture after the taekwondo? Maybe this is the one.....

Announced as Dead Skeletons support.

Thrilled, honoured and excited to announce that we will be supporting Dead Skeletons on the Birmingham date of their upcoming tour. The gig will take place on Tuesday 2nd October at The End part of the new Birmingham Ballroom venue. Tickets will be available from the band so we’ll be sure to keep you posted on the further details.
Love this band. Are you unfamiliar with the sounds of Dead Skeletons? Psyche out to this.....

Guile announced for Coalfields Festival, Barnsley.

I have returned from the Isle of Wight festival minus a seriously damaged once beautiful pair of shoes. Still besides residing in a swamp a great time was had. Great people and some inspirational music. I was mesmerised by the music of Lana Del Rey even if a proportion of the crowd were more concerned with what make up she was wearing. I shall leave that rant for another day. Band of Skulls reassured my faith in guitar music whilst Terry Reid proved rock and roll will never die. There were many more but I shall try and keep this blog short and sweet; even if the opportunity of procrastinating to avoid the inevitable cleaning of clothes may become far too tempting. Let me draw myself back in from the prospective tangent and remain to the point. We are pleased to announce that Guile will play Coalfields Festival in Barnsley. Tickets are priced at £5 for the day and £10 for the weekend with all profits going to Barnsley Hospice and Bluebell Wood Childrens Hospice. It is a great cause and it will be nice to once again cross paths and hear the sounds of Toba Caldera, Richard Warren and Exit Calm. We will be on stage at 16:15 on Saturday 14th July at the Noise Delays Recovery stage. With a wetted appetite, I am really excited about getting on the proverbial other side of the fence. Hope to see you there!

Now I will actually sign off to attend to that washing. That Isle of Wight mud is a tough one.


PS. You know I mentioned I those beautiful shoes. They were a right off after a few hours on the Friday. I found some Wellington Boots, only around four sizes too small. £18 saved! However with damaged feet and an image destroyed there is a lesson to be learned. Kids..... You can’t put a price on your dignity.

"140 Hurts" now streaming & plenty of other news ...

Hello one and welcome all,
It’s been a busy few days here at Guile HQ, especially with the Flapper gig in Birmingham on the 2nd of June looming.
The album is now out on full release and streaming in full for everybody to listen to; ‘140 Hurts’ is the final track that we have made public and you are probably listening to it as you read this very blog.
Earlier in the week you may have seen over on our Facebook page that John Robb’s Louder than War have been backing the release, we’re all chuffed that a publication of such influence like the album. Talking of publications of influence, the wonderful people at Room 13 have also given us a glistening review, which can be read HERE.
As more news develops you will be the first to hear about it through this blog or twitter or some such other social network; so plenty of reason to keep coming back!
Love and reverence



We're band of the day ...

Hello all,
We hope that your weekends are going well!
If you have downloaded or heard the album we would love to hear your thoughts on it.
We've just had news that we are band of the day over at Louder than War; follow this link for the full feature - a nice little taster is below.
"Guile have been touted as one of the best unsigned bands to come out of the Midlands for what seems like years now. Finally signed to the local Salvation Recording Company, their potent mix of blues, psychedelia and punk looks set to reach the wider audience they deserve."
See you at the Flapper on the 2nd folks!

Alone on the West OUT TODAY !!!

Good afternoon all,

We are pleased to be able to announce that our debut album - 'Alone on the West' is released this very day. Head over to iTunes or any good digital download store to have a listen. We have all but one track from the album streaming over at our SoundCloud page, in a kind of try before you buy thing.

Love and reverence

The Castle - Oldham

 Hello all

We're excited to be playing in London tonight ahead of releasing the album on Monday.

Unfortunately some not so great news, our Castle gig has been pulled as the venue has gone under. Totally gutted as its been a venue very close to our hearts for some time now. We have made some friends for life! We are on the look out currently for a replacement venue and will keep you up to date with developments.

Hopefully see you tonight


'Devil In Black' ...


It’s been an active(ish) one for me; on Friday I was at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool to see the Vaccines, I managed to bump into Nick Lowe from the Oldham crowd – pretty amazing really given the size of the Winter Gardens but amazing to see a friendly face and catch up briefly with a good friend.

The Vaccines were great, I’m not sure that the crowd were as receptive to their new material as they could have been – but a great night all the same.

Onto all things Guile; it’s always exciting to offer up new material - but this is a track I’m particularly fond of – “Devil In Black”. The track was recorded under the supervision of Rob Ferrier (who still won’t tell me what he did to get that guitar solo tone, although I’m convinced it’s something to do with a Wah Wah).

The track was recorded in Analogue Catalogue, a great few weekends of our lives which entailed a lot of drinking in the local pubs and some recording, the results of which follow … I don’t think that we did too badly!?!

Love and reverence


Devil In Black by guilemusic


Album dates...

Hello all,

With 'Alone on the West' being released worldwide digitally on May 14th, we are pleased to announce the following dates to promote the album....

Friday 11th May
The Hope and Anchor, Islington

Friday 18th May
The Castle, Oldham

Saturday 2nd June
The Flapper, Birmingham

We are all really proud of the album and very much looking forward to releasing it so that everyone can hear it, get ready for another album track to land later this week.

Love and reverence

Alone on the West review ...

Guile - Alone on the West debut album review ...

Guile’s debut album Alone on the West is a rebellious mix of garage and psychedelia worthy of the most well-deserved Black Rebel Motorcycle Club comparison ever. They share a certain dialogue between sacred and profane, sin and pride. Reprobate Lover is a strong statement track, oozing both attitude and spiritual power at the same time. The impressive wall of sound it creates resonates throughout the record. Somewhere, Sometime, Someone is a fantastic piece of songwriting, with a powerful warm guitar leading the honest, raw lyrics delivered through frontman Neal Sawyer’s deep and intense vocals. I Walk Alone deals with salvation in a desert-hot surrounding beautifully created by a woozy, aching guitar strumming. Love Around Here is one of the highlights, sounding like a dark, dense trip through a dirty conscience. This record is confident, and righfully so. This debut album is remarkable for its refined and coherent sound and its bold use of religious imagery in its lyrics . Alone on the West is the kind of record that feels like the first part of an exciting journey that you can’t wait to continue.

Chiara Amoretto


Love Around Here & Flapper tickets ...

Ladies and gents,

Please find 'Love Around Here' streaming from our debut album 'Alone on the West', the album is going to be available worldwide from all good digital download stores from Monday May 14th. We are close to announcing some dates to back the release date really soon.

Tickets for the Birmingham gig are now available from this link ....

Love Around Here by guilemusic 

Love and reverence

Alone on the West - album tour ...

Good evening all.

We are excited to announce that our homecoming gig will take place at the Flapper in Birmingham on Saturday 2nd June. Tickets will go on shortly but we'll of course keep you in the loop. Full album tour details to be announced shortly ...

Much love



Reprobate Lover from our debut album ...

Good afternoon everybody, For your listening pleasure 'Reprobate Lover' from our debut album - 'Alone on the West.' The track was recorded in the analogue warmth of Analogue Catalogue studios with Rob Ferrier. Our debut album will be available from iTunes and all good download stores from the 14th May. Please keep checking back for updates on our album tour happening throughout May and further news.

Reprobate Lover by guilemusic

Until then! Jon XxX

New album track - Burning Pride

Hello one and welcome all, We are pleased to offer 'Burning Pride' from our debut album Alone on the West. The track was recorded in Magic Garden and mastered in Metropolis studios London. Please share and enjoy!

Burning Pride by guilemusic  


Tackeroo review in full ...

Guile – The Tackeroo, Cannock, 10th February 2012 Hometown gig, expectant crowd. The last thing any band want is a string to go on the bass about 6 seconds into the gig. With no spare bass guitar. Which is exactly how Guile’s return to their Cannock roots kicked off.

A lot of bands would have been thrown, or perhaps just walked off until running repairs could be made. No such easy way out for Guile. While bassist Adam ‘Fish’ Shaw, showed commendable grace under pressure restringing and tuning up with the minimum of fuss, the remaining members of Guile simply slipped into dirty, vaguely threatening, blues jam. Shut your eyes and you’d believe Link Wray was about to walk onstage.

It’s a scene that’s been played out at numerous gigs of course, but the economy and assuredness with which Guile took this unpromising start in their stride spoke volumes for a band confident in their abilities and totally at ease onstage.

With a nod from the restrung bassist, the band slipped seamlessly into their set, their impromptu jam could almost have been a pre-coda to the rolling menace of opener ‘Red Mist’. Underpinned by Gaz Slater’s powerful drum pattern, ‘Red Mist’ is a slow burner, allowing the band to gradually flex their considerable aural muscles, it builds and grows to a climax of howling guitars, with the insistent soloing of Jon Sawyer fighting its way into your head above the crunching rhythmic juggernaut.

Feeding off their own momentum Guile kick into ‘No Silence’. One of their oldest songs, now completely re-worked, lyrically it evokes Shelly’s Ozymandias, transplanted to the blasted industrial desert of the former coalfields and soaked in sour mash bourbon – nodded at by frontman Neal Sawyer’s re-appropriation of a verse from Folsom Prison Blues midway through the song.

Sacrilege? In almost anyone else’s hands it might well be, but Guile have the confidence and the understanding of the musical lineage that informs them to carry it off. It also helps that in Neal Sawyer they have a compelling frontman, blessed with a world weary, cracked timbre to his voice that speaks of long dark nights with only a bottle for company.

Previously compared to The Saints Chris Bailey in terms of the sound and delivery of his vocals, Neal is now developing an almost Mark Lanegan-esque register, albeit with more range, as the screaming, pleading, despair of his vocal on the almighty cacophony of set closer ‘Alone On The West’ proves.

Moving through the gears with ease Guile continue to produce more than the sum of their parts. Yes there’s the swagger of the Mary Chain, Stone Roses or Primal Scream. There is most definitely a love of the blues that stretches from Robert Johnson to Led Zeppelin, with more than a pinch of west coast psychedelia and a twin guitar attack that can summon up the spirit of the MC5, but like all great bands there is a chemistry that makes Guile special.

From the pastoral introspection of ‘Somewhere, Sometimes, Someone’ to the irresistible riffing of recent single, ‘Deep By The Dockery’ Guile’s brutal Black Country blues is by turns soulful, brooding, but ultimately uplifting.

Tonight’s set felt like something of a full stop. With an album recorded and ready for release in May and a set full of the songs that are likely to be on it, the band gave a peek into the future with two newer songs for an encore. ‘You Kill, We Dream’ and ‘I Wish I Was Heartless’ blew away any sense that Guile have peaked. If anything these are rawer, more passionate slabs of English country punk’n’blues from a band previously considered one of the best unsigned acts on the circuit.

Well now they have a deal, this criminally under rated band really ought to get the recognition they deserve. Or to mis-quote Morrissey.

‘The more you ignore Guile, the closer they’ll get’. Something is stirring in the old Staffordshire coalfields...

Words by Mac, for Tea & Toast & rock & roll




Brief update ...

Good evening all,

It's busy - busy behind the scenes here; you may have noticed that a new video is streaming on our YouTube Channel, but in case you missed it I've posted it into this blog. This was recorded at the Public gig in West Bromwich where we gave a nod to a hero of ours, Johnny Cash. Muuchosss Marrakkkasss .... 

We've a few more videos that we're going to be putting up from the same gig on the run up to the release of the debut.

On the album front the good people at Rhythm and Booze have previewed the release of our debut, just follow THIS LINK for a sneaky look. There will be another album track streaming at the back end of this month, so keep your eyes peeled (or ears to the ground) for that.

Until then!




BBC WM Introducing ...

Good evening all,

Tonight Brett and Louise played 'Somewhere, Sometimes, Someone' on their BBC WM Introducing Show, the show is available to listen again by following this link to their micro site. We have to extend our thanks as they have both been amazingly supportive of the band.

Love and reverence


Head to, upload your music and you could have your tracks broadcast on BBC Radio 

Album release date ...

Hello one and welcome all,

We hope that this finds you well.

The limited edition pre-release copies of our debut album ‘Alone on the West’ have now SOLD OUT, but we are pleased to be able to announce that the full release of the album is scheduled for Monday 14th May. We will have more news in due course, but for now we are pleased to be able to present ‘Somewhere, Sometimes, Someone’ for your listening pleasure.

Somewhere, Sometimes, Someone by guilemusic


Love and reverence

Exclusive pre release copies of Alone on the West

Hello one and welcome all,

Thank you to everybody that made the Tackeroo so amazing. It has been a while since we played locally and Fridays gig has left us all wondering why.

We were selling limited edition numbered pre-release copies of the album on the night of the Tackeroo gig. There are a very limited amount of copies which remain so we are putting them up for a sale on a first come – first serve basis.

Please contact us, and we’ll let you know how to own a copy; a snip at a mere £7 – but please be advised that this is on a strictly first come – first serve basis.

Ambient Airwaves have also been saying some lovely things about our music …

“They tell us their name has its origins in witchcraft, but when they call themselves Guile, you could be forgiven for thinking they're pulling a sneaky trick. The real withcraft is in their indescribable music. They make post-rock jangle, and in the same breath manage to infuse psychedelia with folk-country. You don't ever quite know what you're going to get but you do know there's never been a more apt name for a band.

More news coming soon ….

Love and reverence


Tackeroo - Ticket - Telegram

Hello and welcome to the first ever alliterated Guile blog.

We would like to start by thanking everybody who has been hitting the tracks, videos and news items online; it is set to be an exciting year as we lay solid plans here at Gulie HQ to release our first proper body of recorded work - something that we are all amazingly proud of and can't wait for you to hear.

If you've not already discovered the four album tracks currently streaming we would encourage you over to our soundcloud page, or have a listen here from the comfort of our blog.Our first batch of allocated tickets for the Tackeroo have now sold out, but we have recieved some more today; if you have asked us to reserve tickets we have of course done so; but if you want to come along to the gig and haven't purchased or reserved your tickets, please do so as it's going to be a really busy night.

Speak soon

New album track : Lies Against Hell ...

Ladies and gentlemen,
We are pleased to offer you ‘Lies against Hell’ for your listening pleasure, taken from our debut album ‘Alone on the West.’ This track will be available to purchase on our limited edition pre release album at the Tackeroo gig and online in our store, we must however stress that these copies are going to be available on a first come, first serve basis.
‘Lies against Hell’ was recorded and mixed in Analogue Catalogue, directly onto 2” tape. We also made use of the various pump organs and analogue delays that are knocking around in the studio which you can hear on the track.
Please feel free to offer any feedback.
Love & reverence
Lies Against Hell by guilemusic

Tackeroo / Pre release albums ..

Good day all.

A really quick line ... 

Tickets for the Tackeroo gig on Friday 10th February are sellng really strongly and we would urge anybody wanting to come to the gig to get in touch with us or get your tickets in advance online. If you have already contacted us and asked us to reserve tickets there's no need to worry as we have done so for you.

We've also been asked a lot about the pre release albums, we will be announcing more details as and when we have them. We are also happy to reserve copies to collect on the night, just let us know. There will also be copies availiable from our online store, but as I mentioned more news will be following in the very near future.

Really looking forward to playing in Cannock again, the set is sounding great and contains a few surpries.

Speak soon


Pre release copies of our debut 'Alone on the West'...

Good afternoon all,

We are excited to announce that our debut album 'Alone on the West' will be available in a limited quantity at the Tackeroo gig and from the Guilemusic store. At the moment we are finalising the artwork, but will be in touch as soon as there are more developments.

Be sure to keep checking back as there is going to be plenty of news landing on the pages of this blog over the coming weeks as we build up to our homecoming gig at the Tackeroo and the full release of our debut album.

Love and reverence

BBC WM Introducing ...

Good Sunday evening all,

We would like to thank the ever supportive Brett Birks and Louise Brierley for supporting the band and for plugging the Tackeroo gig on their BBC WM Introducing show this Thursday. You can listen to the show again by following this link ...

More news coming shortly ...



Tackeroo bill announced...

Good evening all,

We are pleased to announce that Shallow have been added to the bill for the gig at the Tackeroo on Friday 10th February!!! We also have some special news in the pipeline, so please do sign up to the mailing list and keep checking back for updates.

Further information on the event including how to get tickets is held on our gigs page or for the Facebook event please follow the link below.

Until then!



I Walk Alone ...

Good evening,

We hope that you are well.

"I Walk Alone" from our debut album is now streaming on our SoundCloud page. If you would like to own a free download of our track, simply join our mailing list. 

We will be in touch again really soon with more news.

Love and reverence

Jon (Guile)

Deep by the Dockery tour video Part 2 ...

Good day one and all,
We hope that you are all well.
Things here at Guile HQ are progressing, once again I am sorry for all of the secrecy but all will be revealed very soon, it is exciting times here as we are getting close to having the final plans laid for the release of our debut album ‘Alone on the West’ the first half of 2012.
In the meantime we have the Tackeroo gig coming up on February 10th, tickets for which have been selling strongly even over the festive period, if you would like to come please do get in touch as it is going to be a busy night.
There’ll be plenty more to come as we start to get into 2012 proper; please do keep popping back for news as it happens.
Until next time here is the second instillation of our tour diary, from September and Octobers ‘Deep by the Dockery’ single release. Enjoy ......

Love and reverence

Happy New Years ...

Happy New Years from everybody here at Guile in advance.

We'll see you in 2012 with our first local gig for many -a-moon and our debut album 'Alone on the West.'

Until then!


Buy a ticket, win a shirt ...

Hello all,

We hope that your plans for Christmas are going well.

The title of this post about says it all, but to put some meat onto the proverbial bones - if you purchase a ticket for the Tackeroo gig in advance either from a band member or one of the online ticket outlets, you will be in the running to win one of three Guile T Shirts in your chosen size and colour.

Tickets have been rattling out since they went on general sale a few weeks ago, so why not get in touch and get your tickets?

Facebook event below. ...

Guile Shirts and other merchandise

Until the next time

Love and reverence


Christmas sale in our store ...

Hello all,

To celebrate the1st of December we have reduced ALL ITEMS in the GuileMusic store ...

Shirts - All colours and all sizes £10
AOTW Limited Edition Singles £4
Deep by the Dockery Singles £3 (Limited availability)

All prices include recorded delivery and payments are taken securely via PayPal.

Merry Christmas


Tour Diary Part 1 Uploaded

Good Evening

Part 1 of the Deep By The Dockery Tour Diary is now available to view on our YouTube site and also on the featured video section of our homepage.

Homecoming gig...

Firstly, we must thank everybody at the Castle - this venue has been so good to us; from the very first time that we played the venue right up to Saturday night it's always a humbling experience.... so THANK YOU!

As you may have seen from various social networking jobbies, we are excited to have announced our homecoming gig at the Tackeroo in trusty old Cannock. The Tackeroo will mark what will be the start of a busy year, so come down and celebrate with us. We've already started to put our heads together with how we can make it one to remember, keep popping back for updates as they happen.

If you would prefer, sign up to our mailing list and we wiil deliver updates straight to your inbox, along with links to exclusive tracks.

Cannock lads Corelli are also confirmed for the gig, properly sound bunch and a great band too; check them out

Here is the Facebook event ...

Until the next time


Guile live at the Tackerooo

'Deep by the Dockery' on BBC Manchester Introducing ...

Hello one and welcome all,

I write this time with another brief update regarding the Castles' 10th Anniversary gig on the 12th November.

Steve Jones and Bill Murray from the Castle are going to be fielding some questions on BBC Manchester Introducing this Sunday (6th November) regarding the excellent work that they've done for unsigned music at the Castle over the years and all the great names that have stomped the boards. They'll also be spinning a couple of tunes, one of which will be our single 'Deep by the Dockery'.

You can tune in on 95.1 FM / DAB or listen online live, the show will air from 22:00 or listen again live up to 6 days after the show.

We're really looking forward to seeing you at the Castle.



New from Guile HQ ...

 Hello all,

I have been attacked by a dreaded bout of the flu or something similar; but what a great chance to keep you up to date with goings on here at Guile HQ.

The Castle’s 10th Anniversary gig on the 12th November is looming ever closer, a gig that we’re all really looking forward to; the full details of which are in my previous blog, needless to say it’s going to be a brilliant gig and we are long overdue a return to the Castle, a venue that has been so good to us over the years.

We do have plans which are currently in their infancy; we can’t give too much away at the moment but as soon as we are able to, you will know.

Until then …

STOP PRESS: Peter Hook & the Light have also been confirmed for the Castle 10th Anniversary festival!



The Castle...

Hello all,

We are priveledged enough to have been invited to play at the Castle on Saturday 12th November as part of their 10th Anniversary weekend festival special, and of course we agreed - the Castle has been totally amazing to us over the years and it's going to be great to see our friends once more.

The weekender is going to be top, there's loads of great bands and DJ's playing, plus competitions to be won. No doubt there'll be silly drink promotions which we'll be enjoying - so come along and lets have a party!!!!

Bands confirmed ...


DJ's confirmed ...


THE ABBEY INN will be presenting The Return Of JUKEBOX BREAKDOWN in the Terrace Room on the Friday playing all the best in Alt-Metal / Rock / Emo. 
DJ's COL / BENSON / ALEX HOLT / ZACKY SHPIEL will be tearing it up all night in the terrace.

STEVE 'JONEZY' JONES ( castle , bulletproof , tokyo project , fusion , live underground . ) + BILL jagger MURRAY (Remake Remodel) will be raising the roof in the main room, playing the very best in Alternative Indie/Rock N Roll from the 50's up until present day.


RICK LEES (The Children / Twisted Wheel) + BEN CARCAMO (The Children) will be hosting our FUNK N SOUL TERRACE ROOM. 

Get involved @ facebook . . . . . . .

Until then




The tour is over..

Good morning all,

We played our last gig of the tour last night to the wonderful people of Fife, a place that we hope to return to soon. As I write we have stopped just north of Preston on our weary way back home, which has provided a small amount of time for reflection.

Touring has been great - we have had a mixture of fortune on the road but overall the good well out weighed the bad, when the dust has settled from this tour we will be sowing seeds with regards to our next move.

In the more immediate future, we are playing Oldham in November (details to follow) and expect to see a tour video blog soon.

Until then, this is me signing off tired but satisfied.

With love & reverence


Leeds Leeds Leeds

Good Evening All

We've spent  the day seeing the sites of the North including the piece of wonder pictured below.

We're now in our hotel room after a great show in Leeds. Probably the hottest gig we've ever played and we're all doing our best to take on as much liquid as possible.

For the second leg of the tour we've hired a van and our lovely Green Machine is doing us proud.

We've been listening to a lot of music in the new tour bus. Most of which from Ian's iPod. The below pic shows the different emotions on show when AC/DC comes on.

Following a distressing week with the departure of our van, we've compiled a tribute to our good friend - Unit 2. Enjoy! 

Until next time

A sad day

Today is a sad day … after 5 years of loyal service our van Unit 2 (so called in honour of Johnny Cash’s bus Unit 1) has gone to the scrap yard. You may have already heard that we had to cancel the Salisbury gig, this was due to a suspected blown head gasket sustained a mere 15 miles from the venue.

RIP Unit 2, from all those that sailed in her …

Ian in Unit 2 before that fateful day in Salisbury, keep posted for a picture of Dan aka 'Bruce'

For the remainder of this tour we have hired in a bus - a bus that has so much room we’ve had to fill it not only with Ian Forster, but also Daniel Hughes who is a welcome addition to the roving circus. Mr Hughes will be dealing with all things merchandise, while he’s not doing that he’ll be  sporting an apt pair of roadying combat shorts, see this man for CD’s, shirts and other lovely bits and bobs.

So tomorrow on we go onwards to the Cluny in Newcastle, a venue we’ve always wanted to play and a night we’re really looking forward to.

I hope to see you on the road somewhere


'Deep by the Dockery' is out now ...

'Deep by the Dockery' along with unheard B Sides 'Where the Angels Cry' & 'Let Your Spirit Soar' is available from iTunes and all other good digital download stores. There are also a limited amount of physical CD singles including the above B Sides available from us at gigs or online in our store. 



Stoke tonight ...

Hello all,

Tonight we are playing Harry's Bar in Stoke, on the way to soundcheck we will also be calling into 6 Towns Radio Station to have a chat and do some acoustic tracks.

We are on Bossons About which will be aired somewhere between 15:00 & 17:00, you can tune in at or there are a host of other options on their site.

Here is a video from the Flapper gig in Birmingham...

We look forward to seeing you tonight in Stoke.



Tour update ...

Hello all, just a quick one this time ...

Again extended apologies for the Salisbury gig, we ended up coming home on the back of a low loader, we are going to rearrange the gig as soon as possible - we will keep you up to date with developments.

The news on the van isn't good unfortunately, it goes to say that the remainder of the tour will be going ahead as planned - we're currently working out how best to do this.


Salisbury gig ...

Good evening one and all

It is with regret that we’ve had to cancel this evening’s gig in Salisbury. Unit 2 (our van) has let us down after many years loyal service, we did everything in our power to make tonight happen, but unfortunately in the end we had no option to cancel the gig a mere 45 minutes away from to our destination.

We do hope to re-arrange this gig for another Saturday, a massive thank you to must go out to Thom the promoter for his understanding.

As I type we are stuck on a country lane, somewhere in the middle of nowhere waiting for a recovery vehicle.

Anyway ….

We’d all like to thank everyone who came last night and made the night fantastic. From moustache based heckles to drunken gropes, the night will be a highlight of the tour.

On the way to Birmingham we managed to squeeze in a game of miniature golf which was closely contested but ended in Adam taking the Goal medal, Gary taking Silver and Ian taking Bronze. The less said about the Sawyers performance the better!

Tour Manager Forster has already set the bar high with the smells he’s producing and we can only dream of matching him.

A conversation that happened this morning:

Neal – “Would you like a cheesestring”

Gary – “What even is it?”

Neal – “It’s cheese.”

Gary – “But it can’t go on toast.”

Until next time


Birmingham tonight ...

Hello all,

Here we sit in the Travelodge Cardiff Whitchurch; shortly we will be heading along to Birmingham where we play the Flapper. Tonight promises to be a great gig where we hope to see some friendly faces. It is going to be a busy one but we can still put a few tickets on the door, if you want to come please get in touch and we'll sort it out.

Cardiff last night was great and we even managed to have a look around the city afterwards. Three of us went for a much more in depth look at Welsh culture and await collection.

What Gary Didn't Know Yesterday - Pizza originally came from Italy - not France. Followed by: "but what about pasta?". We can't put all the quotes from Gary online, there's too many but we may be releasing a book after the tour.

We're off to pick up the dirty stop outs

Until tonight

Life on the road ...

A good day from Cardiff,

Last night we were in the wonderful city of Bath, we had some time to kill before soundcheck and managed to take in the Roman Baths which was amazing - it's a very beautiful city and everyone made us feel very, very welome, so a massive thank you to the people of Bath.

The gig was great, top venue and was an oppurtunity to strip back our equipmeent and show the songs in a different light, all in all a good night. Also on the bill was the amazing Jake Morley - he's currently in the middle of his own collosal UK tour, a must for anybody who likes their music heart felt and innovative, I'm off to see him again when he plays the Glee Club in Birmingham and I'd urge you to check him out.

We had a bit of an eventful journey from Bath to Cardiff, the exhast on the van decided somewhere on the M4 that it had - had enough and detached itself, the ever naughty Gary Slater then nearly managed to break Ian's toe by clambering over him for a cold bottle of beer. I am pleased to report however that Ian's toes are not broken but sore and after a morning at the van doctor we have a new section of exhaust which is back where it should be - attached to the van.

Tonight we are playing Ten Feet Tall in Cardiff, it's free in and open until late - I'm really looking forward to it, we've heard some good things about the venue. A quick carvery, shower and it'll be time to head to sound check.

Tomorrow morning we hit the road once more and head straight to the Flapper in Birmingham, this is going to be an amazing gig - a large number of tickets have already been sold; but please do feel free to get in touch and I can put tickets on the door, they're only £5 and we are joined by the wonderful Dakota Beats and Last Gasp ... we look forward to seeing some friendly faces.

Until then!


Introducing Garus Slatarius

Todays fact: The Roman baths use 1,170,000 litres of water per day.

Gary: "What a waste, and they're worried about us using hosepipes!"

Gary likes to sample the local delicacies when he's away from home. After decimating a sausage roll from Greggs, he confessed that he should have ordered five and grazed on them throughout the day. Within the hour, he's tucked into a steak and ale pie - a true cultural connoisseur!

London's Burning

Here's why . . .

The tour one date in...

... and the ‘thank you’s’ are already mounting; firstly thank you to everybody who was at the FAC251 gig on Saturday – faces both old and new made it a great start to the tour. Jamie, Shell, Keith, Dan and his girlfriend and all the others I’ve no doubt missed … humbled!

En route to Saturdays gig we called by Pure FM in Stockport to field some questions and to record a couple of acoustic tracks; a listen again link hasn’t yet popped up but should it you’ll be the first to know. A massive thank you then Mr Rik Magee for lending his valued support to the release and tour!

It also seems like a good chance to formally introduce you to Mr Ian Forster whose name will no doubt pop up from time to time; for his sins he is going to be trying to keep the tour in some sort of order and while he’s not doing that he’ll be doing our sound … he’s a gent … actually that’s a lie, but he is a great friend, take a bow sir.

Tonight you can catch us in London at the Bowery, a venue which is new to us – it is always good to play the capital, I’m sure that I can speak for the rest of the lads when I say we’re all really looking forward to tonight and playing some live music finally over the course of the next two weeks.

That’s all from me for now, but as my esteemed colleague Mr Shaw pointed out, we hope to keep this space up to date with happenings from life on the road, so do keep looking us up.

Until next time…


The Tour Diary Begins

One down, ten to go.

Throughout the tour we'll be recording behind the scenes footage and blogging our little hearts out while we pass around the cities of the UK.

In our free time we'll be trying to answer the deepest philosophical questions and solve riddles that have plagued the human race for centuries. Starting with:

What did Ian eat to create that smell?  

We've also got some band member based topics such as:

What Gary didn't know yesterday

The first installment on WGDKY comes in the shape of Yoke. Not Yolk but Yoke. No, it's no joke. There'll be lots of clips of Gary, direct from his world of questions - think Karl Pilkington with a beard, eating scratchings and saying "Safe" like it's 2001.

Until we meet again


"New to this computer lark me!"

"Something nice and light to get me in the mood for the tour" Gaz Slater

9 days ...

... until our tour kicks off at the FAC251in Manchester on Saturday 17th September.

We would like to thank Bob Osborne for playing the single ('Deep by the Dockery') on his Aural Delights show broadcast on Salford City Radio FM; you can listen again by following this link

Also big thank you to Radio 2XS for tracklisting the single!



Brum Notes Interview

 Here we go folks, Neal fielding some questions from Brum Notes, head over to to have a read.

Tickets for the Flapper are selling well, please book now to avoid disapointment.


Guile - Brum Notes Interview

R.I.P. David 'Honeyboy' Edwards

Blues legend David 'Honeyboy' Edwards dies aged 96

The last of the pre-war bluesman, David 'Honeyboy' Edwards, has died at the age of 96.

Born in 1915 in Shaw, Mississippi, guitarist and singer Edwards began touring at the age of 14 with artists such as Howlin' Wolf and Little Walter. He started performing himself at 17 in Memphis. He was good friends with iconic bluesman Robert Johnson and was with him the night he died after drinking poisoned whiskey in 1938.

In 1942 American roots music folklorist Alan Lomax recorded a host of material by Edwards, but he did not release his own official debut material until 1951’s 'Who May Be Your Regular Be'.

In 1997 he penned his autobiography The World Don't Owe Me Nothin'. Still touring the world well into his 90s, he won a Grammy Lifetime Achievement gong last year and in 2008 won the Grammy for Best Traditional Blues Album for 'Last of the Great Mississippi Delta Bluesmen: Live In Dallas'. He also made a cameo in the 2007 Judd Apatow produced film Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story.

Edwards' manager announced his retirement last month and Edwards passed away at his home in Chicago yesterday (August 29) from congestive heart failure.



Hello all,

The tickets for our Leeds gig are now on sale, they can be purchased by following this link.


Our grey t's have arrived ...

Our new grey 'Alone on the West' T Shirts have arrived just this morning and look pretty sweet if we may say so ourselves ...

Grey 'Alone on the West' T's

Long live the King

What a video.

'Deep by the Dockery' now streaming

Good evening,

'Deep by the Dockery' is now available to stream on our SoundCloud account, the track will be released on the 26th September in the middle of our UK tour.

Deep By The Dockery by guilemusic



Welcome to our new site ...

Come in and put up your feet... we're really pleased to announce open for business!

A massive thank you to Nick Parry and Kris for all of their hard work and patience in getting the site up and running.